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//urban flux; 


Key words:


Project Name;

Urban Flux; Spectacles


Speculative urban situation


Roger Kemp,
Anthony Fryatt


Dense and intense 

urban interior


Hong Kong & Melbourne

The design approach is a interpretation of the idea of spectacle and how it changes and forms relationship between the horizontal and vertical. A vertical superstructure was designed to produce a range of permanent and temporal relationship between the residential building and the street. The superstructure is located opposite to the residential balconies, which is designed intentionally to create interactions through vision and functionality for both residences and people on the street. 

Technology used;
Rhino , PS ,ID ,AI,

Urban actions
Model making



The sliding blinds allows dynamic transformation of experience as it frames people’s view differently at different time of the day. Not only so, the sliding blinds also transform in its functionality. The sliding blinds are divided into 3 sections, the upper and middle blinds are controlled by a system whereas the bottom blinds can be manually adjusted by its user.

In the morning the bottom blinds will be closed for the flow of commuters and them upper blinds will be open to allow sunlight to shine residence’s home.

In the afternoon, the upper blind will transform into different frames, the middle blind will tactfully transform into an extension of the balcony space thus encourage residences to participate in the public without been embedded in the crowd.


This transformation will also affect the street level, because the laneway will no longer be opened and thus produces intimate and enclose experience and the bottom blinds can be use as tables when is needed. At night all the blinds will be opened to encourage interaction between both the people inside of the faced and outside.

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