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Temporal citizenship; toward an empathetic city

Group members:

GuangFeng Huang

Stephanie Siy Cha


Suzie Attiwill


Partnership with City of Melbourne


City of Melbourne

Preconceived notion of citizenship offers a sense of belonging to a nation, as well as privileges and responsibilities. However, as a group of interior designer we think this notion of citizenship should be expanded from a static and permanent ownership of nationality to a temporal citizenship that does not need a certificate to obtain. In this experiment, we enfolded this notion of the temporal citizenship through notion of saying, listening and seeing to encourage dynamic participations with the city and perhaps create a city in a different layer. 


Urban interiority



Technology used;
Rhino , PS ,ID ,AI,
Urban actions
Site visit
group work

Conversations with Melbourne
Conversations with Melbourne is a program that allows people to share their experiences, stories, and testimonies in regards to Melbourne with the community. The program encourages individuals to think beyond themselves, but also to think about the people they live with and the city that they live in. This gives them an opportunity for them to reflect in and with the city, while also experiencing the city through other inhabitants’ stories.

The notion of exchange explored in relation to urban inhabitants and the city. ­9 money exchange booths along Swanston Street are selected as the sites and situations. These booths are facing significant closure due to the global pandemic. However, as a group we are intrigued by the role of these booth as global exchange and extend beyond its economic nature. And see it as opportunity to create situations that disrupt the predefined destination flow  along Swanston Street, encourage people to add on their journey and create potentials of engagement with the self, others and the city.  


Stephanie Siy Cha

Sharing one’s thoughts and experiences can be done in a multitude of ways (i.e., there is no one way to speak your mind). Saying is an act that is so commonly done, that more often than not, we tend to overlook its importance to the community. ‘Saying’ is an important step in having temporal citizenship — having the agency to share one's thoughts and ideas on Melbourne gives them a voice in the community, which encourages them to want to participate in community matters in the present and future. However, this phase in the program is important to first create and reflect on your own experiences without outside influences before creating new experiences with the rest of the community.


Jiaqi (Jessica) Ma

Listening beyond what is heard. Differentiating between listening and hearing, as we are positioned in a constant injection of sounds, whether conscious or unconscious. The practice of listening is a sense of being in the moment, attention and immersion with the surrounding. It may sound easy and straightforward to do, but the act of listening is actually complicated with fragmented narratives, invisible narratives, transformed narratives, recorded or imagined narratives. Sound plays a fundamental role in the practice of listening. Sound is spatial, and temporal, which an encountering in listening sound is where time and space interplay as they are articulated to enable a new dimension of awareness, attention, and consciousness to enable a sense of temporal citizenship.


GuangFeng Huang

The purpose of saying is not to teach people what to see, but to teach them how to see. “The ways we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe”-- John Berger. In a design aspect, the importance of seeing is perspective and seeing includes many perspectives; seeing things from different ways can affect our understanding. How people understand and interact with the program affects whether they feel the notion of temporal citizenship. For the design of the three seeing sites, we applied three different perspectives for inhabitants to see citizens’ concerns and stories. These perspectives are movement of eye, observation and looking closely.

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Urban space and subjects


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Urban interiority